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George Coffey's Freight Team, Hauling 3 Wagons Loaded w/ Lumber & Hay - Kern County Museum Collection

January, 1897:  GEORGE COFFEY, a native of Texas, by way of Los Angeles, was running two freight teams between Randsburg and Mojave in January of 1897. He appears in the 1898 Great Register of Voters as a freighter in Johannesburg.  George’s freighting business was the mainstay of support for Ballarat, and other points around Death Valley.  He also ran freight into Darwin and Keeler until 1905.  In 1905 George left Johannesburg and went to Las Vegas as the manager of a freight line from Las Vegas Nevada to Bullfrog Nevada.  A Mr. Moore, who was formerly from the Rand Mining District, owned this new line.

January 28, 1898:  “G. E. Coffee a well-known freighter, is building a stable and corral in Johannesburg In anticipation of the boom.” – The Herald

1913:  George could not stay away from the area and by April of 1913 he had returned to Johannesburg and was reported to have one of the finest freight outfits on the desert.  He was hauling freight to Ballarat, Harrisburg, and Wild Rose Canyon.  1

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