Survey number:      Owner:      Date of discovery:

September 12, 1911: “THE RANDSBURG SCHOOL opened yesterday with Miss Alice Peter in charge.  Miss Lena Reynolds is in charge at Johannesburg and Miss Alma Roberts at Atolia.”—Bakersfield Morning Echo

April 28, 1916: “NEED BIGGER SCHOOL—Atolia’s school will be improved.  It is already overcrowded and another teacher and room will be needed as soon as they can be secured.  The schools is five times as large as that of last year. ” –Bakersfield Californian

March 6, 1918: “NOTICE OF COMPLETION –Feb 16, 1918, Atolia School Dist owner  to C. H. Brown general contract including all  labor and materials on  erection of frame school bldg completed and excepted Feb. 8,  1918.” –San Bernardino County Sun

July 29, 1917:  “NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS –The Board of Trustees of the Atolia School District hereby invite sealed bids for the furnishing of labor and materials and the erection and completion of a two (2) room grade school according to plans and specifications on file with the Clerk of said District and at the office of the architects, Marsh & Howard, 214 Broadway Central building, Los Angeles, California.

All bids will be made on uniform blanks furnished by the District.

All bids must be delivered to the Clerk of the Atolia School District on or before 8 p. m. August 11, 1917.

All bids accompanied by a certified check of bid bond for five per cent of the amount of the bid made payable to the Atolia School District.

The Trustees of said school district hereby reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

Done by the order to the Trustees of Atolia School District.

Attest, C. B. Roberts, Clerk Atolia School District

San Bernardino Sun

September 11, 1918:  “MISS BESS REEVES, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Reeves, who graduated from Los Angeles normal school last June, left yesterday for Atolia, where she will teach this coming year.  She will have a variety of grades and thirty pupils under her instruction.

Miss Reeves graduated from high school in the class of 1915, and had a three year course at Los Angeles.  She has a sister, Miss Maude Reeves, who teaches in the city.” –San Bernardino News

October 29, 1918:  “FROM ATOLIA –Miss Bess Reeves, who is teaching at Atolia, is at home for a visit during the time the schools are closed.  Miss Mead, the other teacher, whose home is in Los Angeles, came in also.” –San Bernardino County Sun


Owner’s Name                                                                                                                       Taxes

And description                                                                                                         Percentages

of property.                                                                                                                     and costs.

591      Young, W. F.

All Sec. 26 to 32 S R

42 E M D M 640 a———————————————–$               49.44

Less $1 per acre due state.

802     Greenleaf, E. N.

All Sec 16 Tp to 32 S R

42 E M D M 640 a———————————————–$               49.44

Less $1 per acre due state

812      Scott, H. R.

SW ¼ SEC 10 Tp 32 S R

42 E M D M 160 a————————————————$              12.73

813      Healey, Frank

NW ¼ NW 1/4 NW ¼

Sec 36 Tp 31 S R 41 E

M D M 10 a———————————————————$           1.25

814      Ansland, Thos. K

SW ¼ Sec 4 Tp 31 S R

41 E M D M 160 a————————————————–$           3.54

815      Larson, Marry F.

SW ¼ Sec 23 Tp 30 S

R 42 E M D M 160 a———————————————–$           12.72

823     Wilson, W. P.

NW ¼ Sec 16 Tp 30 S

R 41 E M D M 160 a————————————————$          12.72

S ½ Sec 16 Tp 30 S R

41 E M D M 320 a————————————————–$           24.97

825     Blue, D. A.

Mining Claims Sec 18

Tp 30 S R 41 E M D M

Grey Eagle Quartz————————————————–$          48.30

One Track Quartz————————————————–$          48.30

Two Track Quartz————————————————–$          48.30

Stringer Gravel Placer———————————————$          48.30

827     Borden, Jessie G.

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Patented mining claims

in the Rand mining

dist. Known as the St.

Elmo Mining Lode

Claim in Sec 20, 29

30 Tp S R 41 E M D

M consisting of the


St. Elmo 19.77 a—————————————————-$           10.05

Verna 20.55 a——————————————————-$          10.05

Rilla 8.17 a———————————————————-$           10.05

Alice 13.02 a——————————————————–$           10.05

Mona 20.3 a——————————————————–$           10.05

Imp. —————————————————————–$              3.81

Annie 20.66———————————————————$          10.05


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