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March 1, 1922:  “BIG DEVELOPMENTS IN RAND DISTRICT—Twenty Four Companies Are Doing Work or to Start Soon—Randsburg, March 1.—According to a committee of local mining men who have just completed a canvass of the local field, there are, in addition to “the California Rand Silver Incorporated (locally the “Big Silver”) and the Randsburg Silver Mining Company (Coyote), 24 live, active operating interests in the Randsburg mining district.  Of these 14 are responsible for 16 shafts now being sunk while all of the others are financed, with timbers, machinery and other supplies ordered and eagerly awaited in order that development may proceed at once.

In view of the fact that there is not even a slight suggestion of boom in this great district, the result of this investigation by the committee will prove illuminating even to the most enthusiastic local booster.

The following companies appear on the list submitted by the men who visited the different properties for the purpose of securing reliable data:

Bojo Mining Company, five claims.  Baumgardner brothers and H. w. Leidley, Bakersfield.  E. Hollowell, superintendent.

California Rand Silver, Incorporated, Charles E. Meroney, general manager.  Alfred Harrell, president.

Coalinga Mining Association, four claims.  B. B.  Eldren, superintendent.

Comstock Rand, five claims.  Boca & Benko

Grand Eagle Mining Company, six claims.  A. H. Dixon, president, A. R. Day, Superintendent.

Kelly Rand Extension, one claim, J. C. Walser, president.  A. C. Tupman, secretary.

Kern Rand Silver Mining Company, 11 claims.  J. B. Dorsey, president.  William Quackenbush, general manager.

Middle Rand Silver Mining Company, 15 claims.  A. H. Swallow, president, M. Albertoll, superintendent.

Mizpah-Montana Mining Company, two claims.  Riley Hughes, general manager.

Mojave Rand Mining Company,  six claims.  J. T. Martin, superintendent

Monarch Mining Company, 16 claims.  A. T. Kisselburgh, president.

Myra Queen Mining Company, six claims.  W. C. Borchers, president.  George A. Hill, superintendent.

North Rand Silver, Incorporated, eight claims.  W. J. Quackenbush, president.  W. H. Williams, general manager.

Vienna Mining Company, 1 claim.  G. A. Pear, president.  J. T. McGillis, superintendent.

Pittsburgh Mount Shasta Mining Company, seven claims.  T. B. Scott, president.  D. A. McCormick, superintendent.

Randsburg Silver Mining Company, three claims, J. W. Kelly, president.  H. Alderson, superintendent.

Silver Bar Mining Company, two claims.  C. F. Johnson, trustee.

Silver King Mining Company, four claims.  Ed Gallagher, general manager.

Silver Lake Mining Company, 11 claims.  S. H. Nowle, president.

Silver Moon Mining Company, one claim.  George Gallagher, general manager.

Silver Wave Mining Company, nine claims.  Ross C. Miller, president.  Kent S. Knowlton, secretary.

Stampeder Mining Company, six claims.  Floyd Barnett, owner.

Wildcat Mining Company, four claims, Grady and Sill, owners.

Hidden Vault, Hillside Mining Company.  One claim, 120 acre placer.  J. J. Kelly, general manager.


Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Company.  J. C. Nicholson, general manager.

King Solomon Mines Company, J.  Shipsey, general manager.

Baltic Mining Company

Pinmore Mining Company.

Phoenix Mining Company, Mrs. Rose L. Burcham, owner.

Bakersfield Californian

March 24, 1923—VISITORS ARE EXPECTED—With new finds in the Fox lease, the good showings in the Grady and the Garford and Ratcliff lease, we expect to see the record crowd out the coming Saturday and Sunday.  Amongst the busy operators that will add to the prosperous and growing outlook of the district, that will from the highway attract attention of the numerous visitors we can mention the Rand Contact, where they are finishing the head frame, a stop at the Black Hawk mine and mill, will be of interest to those who have never seen a mine of gold mill in operation;  if headed towards Randsburg on the highway, the Garford Ratcliffe lease, now having all the ears of a big shipper, is of interest, on the same side of the highway the comfortable guest house of the Monarch Rand, under construction, across the highway is the workings of this company, next alongside of the drive is the White Horse Rand,  with the Ben Hur, Ben Hur Ex., Baltic and the K. C. N. close by, at the latter is the turn to the Silver Belle, Treasure Hill, Mizpah Nevada, Kelly Rand Extension, Silver Moon, and the reconstructed Mizpah Montana with its new buildings, all new, under construction then down to the Big Silver, its big mill, the Coyote, Silver King, Big Silver’s No. 6 shaft, Silver Glance, Rand Mountain, Grady’s two shafts, Black Hawk’s 700-foot shaft near the P. J. Osdick home, the Bisbee and Bray and the Nevada outfits, Belcher Ex., and the Bevis.  Off the beaten track to other operations visitors will find something of interest in the mining game.” –Bakersfield Californian

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