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April 30, 1898: “DIES OF THIRST ON THE DESERT-Fate of a Stranger on the-Death Valley Borax Road. Found Unconscious and Revived by a Physician and His Wife. Opens His Eyes Only to Release Flood of Tears and Then Closes Them in Death. Special Dispatch to the Call. JOHANNESBURG, April 29. — Many prospectors have died of thirst near Lone Willow Spring. This is half way between Ballarat, Inyo County, and Granite Wells, San Bernardino County, on the Death Valley borax road. The spring is two miles from the road and hard to find.

Last Tuesday Dr. S. M. Slocum and his wife of Randsburg found a man by the side of the road near Lone Willow spring, unconscious from thirst. He was lifted into the wagon, an injection given him, and whisky forced past his swollen tongue. Then the man partly opened his eyes, and great tears rolled down his cheeks as Dr. Slocum said:
“You’re all right; I’ll take you home. Don’t feel bad.” The word “home” conveyed too much of happiness. With sighs the poor man breathed his last almost in sight of water and comfort. His fingers had been worn to the bones digging for water. At places along the road it could be seen where he had dug. There was nothing about the man to tell who he was or where from. He was of light complexion, like a Scandinavian.

The body and all of the stranger’s belongings are buried sixteen paces from a certain rock on the Death Valley road. Two graves beside the road, one near the Lone Willow spring on the mountain side, mark the resting place of three other men who died of thirst, similar to this case. San Francisco Call

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